Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing – Getting Started With Podcasting

Podcast marketing is on a steady roll with several companies releasing audio content on the web to build customer trust, interact with their audience on an intimate personal level, and increase brand awareness among a wide niche consumer base. But podcasting is not new. In fact, it had its beginnings in the 1960s, when radio programs like Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar radio show, ABC Radio, and others were run in the U.S. Today, the podcast industry has exploded with companies producing daily audio shows in every major genre.

Podcast marketing allows you to reach thousands of potential listeners by creating personalized podcast recordings that are quickly downloadable via the internet and sent to recipients via email or instant messenger. Podcasts can be a great promotional tool for your company, especially if you have a radio show, a newsletter subscription, or an Internet blog. Podcasts make great promotional tools for you because they allow you to reach a targeted group of people who would be very interested in what you have to say. While podcasts do tend to have a more informal tone than traditional radio shows, they are still professionally produced and designed to attract a listening audience that is specifically interested in your business.

Podcast Marketing involves a combination of strategic podcast distribution, social media marketing and advertising. Podcast distribution involves seeking out and encouraging distribution partners who will help distribute your podcast throughout the various networks. Most podcast directories are free to submit to and create significant backlinks to your website. Additionally, social media posts related to your podcast can generate numerous social media shares with your followers. Podcasting also helps build your brand by allowing you to establish a presence within various communities related to your podcast.

Podcast marketing requires careful planning and scheduling. Because podcasts are extremely popular, it will be important to submit your podcast for inclusion in directories and to ensure that your podcast is selected for syndication. Podcast directories receive a significant amount of traffic, so it is imperative that you submit your podcast to as many of these directories as possible. The podcasting community is extremely active and tends to focus on quality content, so it is important that your podcast is submitted and discussed by someone who will be interested in your podcast and the content that you will be presenting.

Podcast marketing also requires careful planning and podcast advertising. One of the best ways to promote your podcast and increase its exposure is to participate in podcast contests that are related to your industry and service. Contests such as the Jack Snow podcast contest are extremely popular and can help you gain publicity within a very short period of time. Other contests can help you build your name and reputation within the podcasting community while exposing your business to thousands of viewers. There are also a variety of websites and software that are available to help you promote your podcast.

Podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to reach target audience without the costs associated with radio and television. Because the costs associated with producing podcasts are relatively low, it is easy for new businesses to launch podcasts that reach a wide variety of target audiences. Because podcasting is so popular, there are a variety of podcast directories that have been created in order to help aspiring podcast hosts select which podcasts they should focus their efforts on submitting. Many of these directories host podcasts that listeners can subscribe to and which can provide them with information about podcast hosts and topics. Subscribing to podcasts provides potential customers and listeners with content that they can use in their everyday lives.