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Bialin+ and Bilibili: Latest In Weibo Marketing Strategies

With the growing popularity of live streaming video, viral video, chat and instant messaging possibilities, the marketing potential on Weibo too greatly increases. Especially the marketing potential with “KOL” (Korean online language) should definitely be considered by anyone involved in the promotion of their product or service on Weibo. Known to be one of the largest microblogging communities in the world, the KOL function as a micro version of Weibo. It is a popular micro blogging site where people post content related to current events, celebrities, videos clips, news, and any other form of content you can think of.

As such, KOL has been able to attract some very high profile people into its fold. Recently, it has attracted the attention of the world with the posting of the clip of Chinese celebrities drinking and singing a song together. The Weibo brand immediately became one of the most popular microblogging sites at that time. The clip went viral within very little time and made Weibo famous in the eyes of millions of users all over the world. As a result, the KOL brand has become one of the most successful brands ever in the world. This success has lead to the increased marketing strategy implemented by the company which involves the use of Weibo as a promotional tool.

Nowadays, there are many ways to promote a brand and one of which is through the viral video. In the clip, the company’s brand ambassador takes the stage and sings and rants about their latest products and services. At the end, the brand ambassador “shouts” at the audience, “drinks”, “thinks” and ” giggles”. The viral video has been viewed over 3 million times in just over a week. The company Chinese internet slangs have also become wildly popular on Weibo. The brand ambassador is now being celebrated as a kind of pop culture icon.

To further promote the brand, the Weibo marketing team has created several apps on the Weibo app that features various kol or funny lines. The app is not only a tool for the company but also for the users as well. One of these apps is named Bilibili e-commerce platform, which is basically a mini program which will allow the user to make a purchase through a secured mini app. The payment will be made using Weibo’s WPC Payment process.

Another Weibo app called Bialin+ is a live streaming video app which allows the Weibo community to see the Weibo brand ambassador as he/she appears on Weibo live stream. The video will show the Weibo marketer as well as his/her friends while taking questions from the audience. The Bialin+ live stream can also be viewed in real time through the Weibo website. The viral marketing strategy promoted by Bialin+ is similar to that of Bilibili, the app that was promoted earlier.

Weibo Marketing is all about promoting the brand and attracting as many new customers as you can, especially in a Chinese and mini market like China. The latest addition to Weibo Marketing is Bialin+ which is a mini app that is designed for the Weibo community only and has the capability to follow the Weibo brand ambassador while he/she appears live on Weibo. The app is available for free and can be downloaded easily, and it is also a part of the Weibo Gold Membership. The gold membership offers a higher rate of subscription fees and also provides the latest information updates regarding Weibo.