WeChat Marketing

One of the best ways to promote your business on WeChat is by using Moments Ads. These are the latest ads in WeChat and are similar to Facebook’s Newsfeed. They let users post pictures, updates, and links. These ads are similar to other user-generated content and allow users to comment and “like” posts. They appear on the fifth post and have a tiny sign that says “Promotion/Advertisement”.

Subscription accounts allow brands to post more frequently to WeChat users, but they reduce their account visibility. Some brands use subscription accounts in order to increase the frequency of posting to their WeChat users. They also use CRM or backend tagging to improve the customer journey. WeChat has been popular among younger generations for several years, so brands should use subscription accounts in order to reach a larger audience. This strategy will help your brand grow quickly.

Another way to promote your business on WeChat is to create advertorials. These are sponsored content that are posted under another account. Instead of sharing a product or service, advertorials focus on educating readers and telling a story. They can be very eye-catching and contain interactive elements. A good advertorial will include a call-to-action and a coupon. WeChat has many features to offer.

There are many different types of WeChat accounts and different marketing strategies for them. The most common approach involves working with influencers or KOLs, or key opinion leaders. These people have large online followings, and their credibility can be leveraged by brands to increase the number of purchases or customer acquisition. The brand can use these influencers to share content and links to their official accounts. In addition, they can use QR codes to facilitate transactions.

Creating a personal account for a business is another effective way to promote a product or service. WeChat has a “Not interested” button on advertisements, which makes it easier for users to block these advertisements. While these ads are more engaging, they still have limited exposure. WeChat offers users a way to easily block them if they do not like what they are seeing. And the brand can engage their audience by providing a variety of quality content.

You can create a WeChat account ad for your brand. These are the best ads to promote your brand. They are easy to manage and will help you reach your target audience. WeChat users will be able to see your ads on their profile as well as their friends’. You can also make account-based mini-programs that are relevant to your product. You can also use the mini-programs as a CRM.

Apart from promoting on WeChat, brands can also use social media channels to gain followers. Companies can place WeChat QR codes on their exhibition booths and on their promotional flyers. Such efforts will generate more WeChat users. WeChat can also be used to announce new products or services. You can also host a quizzes and surveys for a brand’s WeChat marketing objectives. WeChat is an important part of any social media strategy.