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Wechat is the fastest growing social media site in China. It is a great place for Chinese businessmen and ordinary people to connect with each other. Recently, Wechat has been integrated with major Chinese instant messaging services like Weixin. The integration of Wechat marketing with instant messaging makes this site a very popular venue for many Chinese internet users. Although it is growing fast, Wechat still lacks the ability to be used as a strong marketing platform due to some limitations.

Although Wechat has lots of marketing tools to offer, it will only provide you with a boost if it matches up to your existing business plan. If your main purpose of setting up an official Wechat account is just for promotion, you can use the Wechat Marketing Tools freely without having to upgrade your account. You can post messages and comments to establish long-term communication with potential customers or friends.

Wechat has a free messaging system that allows users to exchange information with other people in different chat rooms. The chatting system has also been incorporated with marketing mix that allows users to post promotional content for different products and services in Wechat’s internal marketplace. In fact, a Wechat user may find it very easy to search for different products and services from a large list of available offers and discounts. A marketer may use Wechat as a tool for direct promotion through its broad array of free channels.

But if your aim is to use Wechat as a powerful multi-channel online presence, you will need to upgrade your Wechat marketing strategy. The latest Wechat version 4.0 offers a greater possibility to interact with consumers on a deeper level. With the latest version of Wechat, marketers are now able to connect directly with consumers. They can use the “chat logs” as a way of getting closer to their consumers and formulating a customised marketing strategy. Marketers can now use the chat logs to learn more about the consumer’s shopping habits and preferences, interests and goals.

The latest release of We Chat also introduces QR codes. These codes allow customers to visit the official Wechat store by scanning the code with their smartphone, tablet or computer. When a consumer scans a QR code, he/she will be redirected to the official Wechat store, where they will be able to view the products and services for sale. QR codes are an innovative addition to Wechat and the latest step towards establishing a strong online brand image.

Marketers should take full advantage of We Chat’s built-in search function. This search function will help marketers locate different stores that offer the items that they are looking for, all from the comfort of their laptops, tablets or smartphones. Furthermore, marketers can use the Wechat shopping lists function to determine which products they should feature on their online presence. This list function will enable consumers to easily find products that suit their lifestyle and purchasing habits. Once again, taking full advantage of the Wechat shopping lists function will help marketers achieve their goals and establish a strong online presence.