Social media marketing is the usage of various social media websites to connect with your customer base, boost sales, and drive site traffic to your website. This entails creating good content on your social media profile, engaging and listening to your followers, monitoring your statistics, and running social media promotions. This article will introduce you to the four most important strategy options that you can use in implementing a successful social media marketing strategy for your business.

Goals – Before you can start using these social media channels, you need to identify your goals first. Do you want to increase brand awareness and visibility for your product or service? Or do you want to gather leads to your website?

The best way to come up with goals is by identifying your target audience first. You can use Facebook to target your customers; you can use YouTube to target young generation; you can use Twitter to target professionals. Once you have identified your target audience, you can then determine which social media channels you will use to reach out to them. For example, you can use Facebook to engage your customers, create a blog to keep them updated about your products and services, and run YouTube tutorials to give out information about your brand.

Use Facebook Advertising – Facebook has recently introduced pay per click advertising where you will only be charged when someone clicks on an ad that you have posted on Facebook. This has brought a great opportunity for businesses to take advantage of their audience’s interest by conducting marketing campaigns through Facebook. The more people click on your ad, the more chances you have of collecting leads and converting them into sales. There are a lot of companies who have benefited from this pay per click social media platform; check out Market Samurai for great content.

Create Your Strategy – It is also important that you create a strategy to achieve your goals. You may want to know what steps you are going to take each day to achieve your goals or you may want to know what social media platform you are going to use to reach out to your customers. Whatever strategy you decide to implement, make sure that you will stick to it no matter what. In fact, you should constantly review the strategy that you have formulated and make changes as necessary.

Join Social Networks and Join Wechat – If you are already using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and other popular social networks, you should try to join Wechat. Wechat is a very powerful chat application that allows you to create mini forums within the platform. By using Wechat, you can easily communicate with your customers and prospects without having to write long messages. You can also add comments to posts and comments can be monitored by other members of the Wechat community.