Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends: What’s On The Horizon?

This New Year brings with it many digital marketing trends that will have an effect on your advertising campaigns in the future. Here, we will cover 9 of this year’s hot digital marketing trends, to get you ahead of your competitors. Take these marketing trends into consideration and implement them to your business strategy for the coming year. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game for many small businesses now. Here, we’ll discuss what this means for branding, social media promotion, and online marketing techniques.

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter are the latest power houses in social media. Both are gaining popularity at a rapid pace and rank well in the search engine results. More people join Facebook and start following businesses now than ever before. Many businesses use this as a way to gain exposure to their target market. Google+ has also made an impact on businesses, particularly Google’s, because their +1 button now provides users with recommendations. Social Media is the best practices for businesses to follow and use to grow their business.

Video SEO/SEM – YouTube and other video sharing sites are experiencing more traffic and views than ever before. Google has added video seo capabilities to their search results, which allow websites to benefit from having high ranking video ads. The great thing about using this form of search engine optimization is that it can target a specific audience. YouTube is a great example of influencer marketing using video SEO. Brands using video SEO can reach their audience and become known within their chosen niche.

Content Creation – The old digital marketing mantra ‘Content creation = sales’ is starting to become a thing of the past. Brands are moving away from creating hype and pushing their product. Instead, they are creating useful content that their customers will benefit from reading. In addition, businesses are becoming smarter about their customers. They are creating content that will engage and interest their audience so that they won’t opt-out of a program.

Social Media Marketing – The rise of social media marketing shows that digital marketing trends are changing quickly and dramatically. Social media is one place where people are getting more information from brands. Brands must keep in mind that people are spending billions of hours online looking for brands that they can trust and recommend to. Brands must make sure that they get the most out of this new trend and integrate social media marketing into all of their marketing efforts. If not, they could find themselves slipping away from their target audience. Brands who are able to successfully integrate social media into their strategy could find themselves surpassing their competitors.

There is no denying that there are many changes happening in the world of Digital Marketing Trends. Brands need to start with the basics and think long term. They have to remember that they will have to adjust as their business changes and adapt to changes within the industry. For now, the focus should be on creating content for browsers and finding ways to make their websites more engaging for their target audience. In the next decade, it is likely that local SEO will become a thing of the past as Google becomes the king of search.