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Digital Marketing Trends 2010: SEO Marketing Strategies And Advantages

Digital Marketing Trends for the Year 2020. (Last post was last published in December 2018 & is still being updated for 2020.) It does not matter what industry you’re in, or what goods and services you provide – digital marketing trends can’t be overlooked. Not so much a decade ago, businesses required little more than a website to market their goods and services; but now, with so many platforms springing up every day, the digital landscape is rapidly evolving so quickly that it…

Many people use mobile devices and social media platforms to reach their audience. To reach them, a website must always be viewable. This is where mobile marketing comes into play. If your business has a website, but isn’t reaching the audience you want, then you need to upgrade your website or start using an effective mobile marketing platform such as Android apps, iPhones, Blackberries, and others. Once your site is viewed on a mobile device, it’s not just your website that need to be optimized, but your overall digital marketing strategy.

The most popular search engine around – Google, has recently announced several new updates to its ranking algorithm. These changes will affect SEO trends for the next seven years, especially focusing on improving user experience. Most businesses do not fully grasp how important this shift is, even though over 80% of websites are competing against Google in some way. According to studies, SEO efforts done today will not bring in as much traffic as those done in 2010. The new algorithm changes will require an SEO company to develop a digital marketing strategy for the next seven years, and the trends that are currently occurring will impact this strategy in more ways than we can talk about.

Another upcoming trend that has the potential to significantly impact your business is social media, or Facebook, in particular. Although Google’s core business has become centered on the search, they have found an ally in Facebook with the release of Facebook Instant. What is so unique about Facebook Instant? It is similar to what we call “PAX,” (Pay Per Click), but instead of paying a search engine to display your ad, you are given the opportunity to show your ads on someone’s wall within minutes. This will likely increase ad revenue for you, as well as boost interaction between you and your customers.

As stated before, Google’s algorithm updates will also affect SEO trends, particularly Facebook. Because it is the largest social network, it will provide a better solution for businesses with less money to invest in a digital marketing campaign for their website. Many entrepreneurs believe that with billions of users, Facebook has the potential to reach a billion people within the next seven years. If this is true, then the company has a huge jump on any other company in the market, especially if you are a new company or are a small to medium sized business. The last decade and a half have seen many giants rise to the top of the digital marketing world, and Facebook has all the potential to be one of these massive companies.

One other digital marketing trend worth noting involves paid advertising on sites like MySpace and twitter. These two sites combined have a little over fifty million daily active users, so you have a lot of potential to attract new customers and generate interest in your company’s product and/or services. If you already have an account on either site, then you may want to take advantage of their advertising opportunities. Although they do cost money, they are well worth the investment, as you will be able to reach an extremely targeted audience. If you haven’t considered adding these two key places to your marketing strategy, then it is time to do so.