The best way to get more followers and customers on Instagram is by providing value to your audience. As a business owner, this is a great way to attract followers and increase engagement. In addition, the algorithm of Instagram rewards businesses that engage with their audience. Here are five ways to use Instagram for business. All of these tactics will increase your chances of success. So, how do you get started with your Instagram marketing strategy? Read on to discover the top techniques.

Instagram Marketing

Create a poll to get feedback from your audience. Polls are an easy way to engage followers on Instagram. Ask them what products they would like to see and what topics they are interested in. If your brand is new to the platform, you can ask them what they like most. You can even create a survey about a current event. You can also use emoji slider stickers to promote your story. This simple yet powerful tool is very versatile.

In order to make the most of Instagram Stories, you should post one to seven stories a day. This frequency is the optimal for maximum completion rates, as 70% of followers watch all of your stories within 24 hours. While some brands post more than 7 stories a day, posting less than seven stories per day can still increase completion rates. You can also add a hashtag to your stories to increase their visibility. It’s important to know the right timing to post your stories.

The right time to post an image is crucial to increase your following. Instagram encourages high quality images, so make sure your photos are the right size. Ideally, they’re 1080 x 1080px or 1350 x 1080px. You’ll also want to add a description to your profile, and include a link to your website in your bio. If you want to engage with customers directly, consider releasing an e-book or a video.

AR filters are great for Instagram marketing. Users click on these filters and then follow the content. Adding stickers to your posts can help increase engagement. By promoting your products through the app, you’ll be seen by more people. A good AR filter can increase engagement and boost your followers. It also improves your cost-per-click metrics and boosts your engagement. So, use AR filters to increase your followers. These are great tools to use on Instagram.

A solid Instagram marketing strategy should start with a strategy. First, define your goals. Your goals will guide your content and the mechanics of your advertisements. Ideally, these goals will correspond to the needs of your business. For instance, if you have a good financial record, then you don’t need a sales boost. You may just want to gain market insight to increase your brand’s visibility. If your goal is to improve the conversion rate, then use an ad targeting strategy that includes the right keywords.